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What We Do

As a full-service planning and engineering firm, we offer a complete range of services to help our customers. From travel demand modeling to feasibility studies to transit performance reviews, we adapt to meet your agency's goals and objectives. Our technical experts work under a set of core values to ensure that you receive the very best service or product. We provide a representative list of our services below:

    Transportation Planning

  • Advanced and state-of-the-practice transportation modeling
  • Statewide and regional policy evaluations
  • Long-range transportation plans and implementation programs
  • Major corridor studies and intermodal plans
  • Transit planning and transit performance reviews
  • Goods movement analyses and freight qualitative profiles
  • Traffic Engineering

  • Traffic impact studies
  • Access management
  • Signal warrant and timing analyses
  • Design traffic forecasts
  • Corridor studies
  • Roadway and transit level of service analyses
  • Resource Management

  • Advanced land use modeling
  • Demographic and socio-economic analyses
  • Comprehensive plans and land use studies
  • Public and stakeholder involvement programs
  • Economic benefit-cost and feasibility analyses
  • Project financing and grant writing
  • Environmental Programs

  • NEPA and SEPA documentation
  • Community impact assessments
  • Induced and cumulative impact assessments
  • GIS analysis, mapping and 3-D modeling
  • Natural resources assessments
  • Behavioral Science

  • Discrete choice modeling
  • Household travel surveys
  • On-board passenger surveys
  • Travel time and delay surveys
  • Policy response and sensitivity analyses

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