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Customized To Your Local Geography and Model
We have teamed up with Travel Behavior Associates to produce a low-cost product that extracts vital information from the most recent National Household Travel Survey (NHTS) in a way directly usable in your travel model and policy analyses.

Social and economic dynamics have affected travel over the last few decades, making many travel demand forecasts questionable and possibly obsolete. Trends such as changes in household size, shifts in the household vehicle fleet, worker characteristics, migration and immigration, and the aging of the driving population have impacted the amount and type of travel in your region. Using Census Journey-to-Work data or dated local surveys alone can under-estimate travel during congested peak times and overlook important trends critical to an accurate forecast.

Incorporate the most recent available data into your planning process in a cost-effective and timely way. Custom analyses built on your data and model structure are delivered to your agency within six (6) weeks of your order.

Model Analysis Package

The Model Analysis Package includes custom statistical analyses and findings tailored to your local travel model structure and geographic area based on the latest NHTS data. The package includes detailed reports that describe:

  • Mean (average) household weekday and weekend trip production rates and dispersion statistics
  • Mean trip length and trip length frequency distributions by trip purpose
  • Mode choice summaries by trip purpose for automobile, transit, bicycle and pedestrian trips
  • Travel time departure/arrival information by trip purpose and period of the day

Policy Analysis Package

The Policy Analysis Package provides customized local and statewide summaries of variables intended to help decision-makers craft policies sensitive to local demographics and travel behavior. Summaries provided include:

  • Impacts of the recent economic downturn on local travel behavior
  • Household vehicles used by age and fuel economy
  • Breakdowns of household travel behavior by age, race, income and sex of travelers
  • Other summaries useful to help understand and predict traveler impacts in areas of safety, livability, pricing, environment and commuting

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