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Highlights & Accomplishments
09/2008 Wade L. White and Todd A. Brauer founded Whitehouse Group as an advanced analytic company specializing in transportation and land use planning.
12/2008 Developed our first stand-alone software package - Turning Movement Calculator (TMC). The TMC was designed to help transportation professionals forecast intersection turning movements for up to four unique time periods using a combination of available traffic counts, forecasts and/or intersection turn percentages.
02/2009 Established corporate headquarters in the greater Washington, DC area.
06/2009 Completed our first prime contract, a goods movement analysis for the Rappahannock-Rapidan Regional Commission in Culpeper, VA.
08/2009 The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) designated Todd A. Brauer as the Project Manager in the completion of an Environmental Assessment (EA) for a 105 mile corridor of the Keystone East High-speed Rail Program.
09/2009 Began work with the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) on a five-year contract to provide support in the review and preservation of travel forecasts for New Starts projects across the United States.
11/2009 Opened an office in the Tampa area to support a variety of projects in Central and North Florida.
02/2010 Completed first onboard passenger survey for the Indian Nations Council of Governments in Tulsa, OK. Over 3,700 surveys were collected from a daily ridership of approximately 10,000.
04/2010 Opened first satellite office within the New York City area.
10/2010 Completed the first integrated land use/transportation forecasting model using Cube Land for the Alabama Department of Transportation in Montgomery, Alabama.
11/2010 Opened an office within the Dallas, Texas area to establish proximity to a number of new customers.
03/2011 Teamed with Travel Behavior Associates to produce a set of National Household Travel Survey (NHTS) analysis packages that provided custom statistical analyses and summaries of variables to help model developers and decision-makers craft policies sensitive to local demographics and travel behavior.
05/2011 Completed a Transportation, Community and System Preservation (TCSP) grant application (transit signal priority (TSP) along Caston/Oxford, Bustleton and Woodland Avenues) for the City of Philadelphia that as awarded more than $3.2 million by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA). The grant was the highest dollar amount awarded to a single project within the 2011 discretionary period.
07/2011 Completed an Alternatives Analysis (5339) grant application (University Drive) for the Broward MPO that was awarded $1.5 million by the Federal Transit Administration (FTA).
10/2011 Completed a TIGER III grant application (IMPaCT Philadelphia) for the City of Philadelphia that was awarded $10.0 million by FHWA.
02/2012 Relocated corporate headquarters into a custom-designed, smart technology equipped office space in the greater Miami area.
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